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Prosody in languages that are related to English can be analysed under three main headings word stress rhythm intonation However for tone languages
lect6a&b-05.ppt - www.emsah.uq.edu.au

p ___ Prosodic Features Sound systems also make use of prosodic or suprasegmental whicha ra features that alter and contrast the sounds or rhythms of speech
Ch.2-The Sounds of language.ppt - staffwww.fullcoll.edu

Suprasegmental Development Term refers to PROSODIC FEATURES Term includesintonation rhythm stress Develops before the first word
phonology 2003.ppt - hypermanymedia.wku.edu

Dinka – Suprasegmental inventory 7 vowel phonemes ieaou 4 lexical Negation 2nd sg kool kool Long grade kol kol Short grade kol ‘take
preALT_remijsen.ppt - www.lel.ed.ac.uk

Konu dur ljónanna The 3 parameters are independent of each other Change these alveolars to velars
23 segm_suprasegm_pros.ppt - notendur.hi.is

Initatory Prosodics those dealing with initiatory power Syllables – burst of initiatory power Stress – degree of energy of initiatory power Suprasegmental 1
Prosodics.ppt - plaza.ufl.edu

I main features of pronunciation 1 phonemes 1 definition different sounds voiced van unvoiced fan 2 suprasegmental features
Pronunciation Ch1.ppt - www.pws.stu.edu.tw

INTONATION Chapters 15 16 Suprasegmental phonology Stress applied to units larger than phonemes segmental phonology ie syllables Intonation pitch of voice
LECTURE_12_Intonation_I.ppt - www.ffst.hr


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