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Chapter 26 Fluid Electrolyte and AcidBase Balance Water Balance Electrolyte Balance AcidBase Balance Body Fluids Potluck 100 100 100 100 100
ch_26_quiz_show_game.ppt - www.wcc.hawaii.edu

Monitoring fluid and electrolyte balance Body weight free water or suboptimal sodium in formula or IV fluids
Fluids-and-Electrolytes-sas-3-2005.ppt - www.ohsu.edu

Interplay between fluid balance and electrolyte balance Different mechanisms regulate Fluid shifts Animation Introduction to Body Fluids PLAY
27-01_pptlect.ppt - www.uta.edu

Chapter 21 – Water Electrolyte and AcidBase Balance Water Electrolyte and AcidBase Balance Water balance and electrolyte balance are interdependent
Chapter21.ppt - www.clevelandstatecc.edu

Pathophysiology underlying acute and chronic illnesses Abnormal losses of body fluids Burns Trauma Therapies that disrupt fluid and electrolyte balance
Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance.ppt - faculty.ksu.edu.sa

Water balance intakeoutput Electrolyte balance Acidbase balance Buffers help prevent acidbase imbalance What can cause acidbase imbalance
b11fluidelectrolyte.ppt - www.hartnell.edu

Water Balance and ECF Osmolality To remain properly hydrated water intake must acids and bases but electrolyte balance usually refers only to salt balance
2305Fluids.ppt - www.austincc.edu

1 Disorders of Fluid Electrolyte Balance University of San Francisco Dr M Maag ©2003 Margaret Maag
lesson6_sp04.ppt - www.m2hnursing.com

Electrolyte Balance Pamela Fowler MS RNC Assistant Professor Rogers State Abnormal tissue hydration Abnormal muscle tone or sensation
Electrolyte balance.ppt - www.rsu.edu

Electrolyte Balance Regulation of ECF of Potassium Calcium Sodium
AP2, PPT 4-5 - Electrolyte Balance, K , Ca , Na .ppt - www.brazosport.edu

and Ca 2 —to function normally Maintaining water and electrolyte balance is crucial to survival Is regulated by nervous and hormonal control of water and salt
Chapter 42.ppt - nsm.maconstate.edu

Fluid Balance cont Homeostasis Dependent on fluid and electrolyte intake physiologic factors disease state factors external environmental factors and
NRS136-006.ppt - mydsn.org

Stressors Affecting Fluid Electrolyte Balance NUR 101 FALL 2008 LECTURE 15 16 K Burger MSEd MSN RN CNE
Lect15&16 Fluids&Electrolytes.ppt - www2.sunysuffolk.edu

Potassium Electrolyte Balance Sodium Electrolyte Balance Triglycerides Heart Disease Urea Kidney Function Uric Acid Gout Vitamins Nutrition Status
wem.ppt - www.webconferences.com

FLUID ELECTROLYTE BALANCE Intke loss routes Distribution of water 1 CVP 2 TED 3 LIDCO
water-electrolyte-balance-2.ppt - www.professormehdi.co.uk

Assessment of fluid and electrolyte status History baby’s FE status partially reflects mom’s FE status Excessive use of oxytocin hypotonic IVF can cause
FEN.ppt - home.sprynet.com

FE Management in NB Essentials of life Food Nutrition Water Fluidelectrolyte 1000gm IWLmlKgD Birth wt So more fluids required Guidelines for FE Add 15mlD 115
Fluids & Electrolytes.ppt - www.pediatriconcall.com

Balance Fluid Balance When the water coming into the body precisely equals the water being lost by the body each day Electrolyte Balance
13.ppt - www.zoology.ubc.ca

Copyright © 2004 Pearson Education Inc publishing as Benjamin Cummings What is meant by “fluid balance” “electrolyte balance” and “acidbase balance
27-02_pptlect.ppt - science.widener.edu

Animation Relationship Between P CO2 and Plasma pH PLAY What is meant by “fluid balance” “electrolyte balance” and “acidbase balance
27-02_pptlect.ppt - www.uta.edu

Functions of the Kidney Maintaining balance Regulation of body fluid volume and osmolality Regulation of electrolyte balance Regulation of acidbase balance
NH_LM322_renal_2006.ppt - staff.washington.edu

Animation Relationship between P CO2 and plasma pH PLAY What is meant by fluid balance electrolyte balance and acidbase balance
Basic A&PII Chapter 27 Martini.ppt - home.comcast.net

Maintaining Water Balance Taking in water Most water enters the body through beverages Very few people with hypertension show salt sensitivity However
Nutrition7.ppt - www.harford.edu

Monitor electrolyte balance fluid balance and IO Monitor renal cardiovascular Methylphenidate Animation Click here to view an animation on the
adams_ch16_ln.ppt - wcunurs280.pbworks.com

Fluid balance and electrolyte balance are inseparable In a healthy individual Click to View Animation EXCESSIVE FLUID RETENTION OTHER FACTORS CAUSING
fluid and electrolytes part 1.ppt - biologyonline.us

UNIT 3 PART A 20 Integrative Physiology II Fluid and Electrolyte Balance Animation Urinary System Late Filtrate Processing PLAY Sodium Balance
Sil4_MM_Ch20a.ppt - www2.hawaii.edu

Water Body Fluids Water Balance Intakeoutput 25 litersday Regulated by hypothalamus kidneys Carefully controlled by 1
Water & The Body Fluids.ppt - www.msubillings.edu

FE in common neonatal conditions RDS Adequate but not too much fluid Excess leads to hyponatremia risk of BPD Too little leads to hypernatremia dehydration
FEN.ppt - home.sprynet.com


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