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Physiological Role and Molecular Mechanism of Adiponectin Yumi Ando Pomona College Advanced Biochemistry What is Adiponectin A signaling molecule that is secreted
Ando_Adiponectin presentation.ppt - www.userwebs.pomona.edu

ACEI and ARB increased insulin sensitivity and adiponectin P 005 Changes in insulin sensitivity correlated with changes in adiponectin
VBWG05CoreCAD-S2.ppt - www.vbwg.org

Adiponectin knockout animals develop insulin resistance increased serum NEFAs PPARg agonists thiazolidinediones stimulate adiponectin expression and increase
diabetes.ppt - www.umaryland.edu

Receptors for Adiponectin are all in the right places liver skeletal muscle beta cells and the brain Plasma concentrations of adiponectin are
Nutrient_sensing.ppt - www.pbrc.edu

Adiponectin Adiponectin transport of fatty acids into mitrochondria for Boxidation and – hepatic fatty acid synthesis countering the effect of high insulin Low
NAFLD study for central GI monthly conference.ppt - gi.vghtc.gov.tw

Adiponectin ChienWen Chou MD Endocrinology Metabolism Division ChiMei Medical Center 22 April 2005
Adiponectin.ppt - www.chimei.org.tw

In CKD signif of adiponectin levels controversial Becker et al JASN 2005 found low adiponectin levels in pts with mild or moderate renal failure correlated with CV
Obesity Renal Failure-cg 12.9.08.ppt - medicine.med.nyu.edu

Baseline conc changes of adiponectin PAI1 were not correlated to the other adipokines whereas conc of the other adipokines were significantly correlated
Nutr&Inflam0208.ppt - folk.uio.no

adipose tissue has an important endocrine function as it produces adipokines and inflammatory mediators amongst others leptin adiponectin resistin adipsin
6 leptin signalling.ppt - www.cellbiol.net

25cm 45cm ↑ HDLC 15 CB1 receptor blocker ↓ weight 8kg ↓ Abdominal circumference 9cm ↑ HDLC 25 ↓ CRP 27 ↑ Adiponectin 46
Earwood - Metabolic Syndrome.ppt - www.usafp.org

Adiponectin Prostaglandin Monobutyrin The Fat Cell Is More Than a Bag of Fat Galectin12 Adapted from Bray GA Contemp Diagn Obes 1998
Giles.ppt - www.lejacq.com

Risk of MI for highest vs lowest quintile of adiponectin Adjusted for age date of blood draw smoking Adjusted for family history alcohol
33701.ppt - www.pitt.edu

Decreased serum levels of adiponectin in subjects with autism Progress in NeuroPsychopharmacology Biological Psychiatry 34 3 455458 Furrer C Skinner E
AutismAttachmentB.ppt - www.mnlowincidenceprojects.org

Adiponectin ACRP30 adipoQ Produced by adipocytes but plasma levels lower in obesity Sequence homologies to collagen and complement
S-4.ppt - strongheart.ouhsc.edu

Possible mechanisms include changes in circulating free fatty acids FFA andor adipokines eg tumor necrosis factor TNF adiponectin resistin and interleukins
EFF Poster final.ppt - www.endocrinefellows.org

Leading to Insulin Resistance and Atherosclerosis Changes in Adipokines  Leptin ↓ Adiponectin ADIPOCYTES Endothelial Activation
Peds_Day1_02_Lawrence_Obesity.ppt - www.faetc.org

 insulin sensitivity  hepatic glucose output Adiponectin  in IAA Properties of key adipokines IAA intraabdominal adiposity Marette 2002
metsyndrom-06.ppt - pharmguse.net

Insulin resistance Resistin Lack of adiponectin Leptin resistance Impaired insulin secretion High carbohydrate diets GLP1 deficiency Background Feline nutrition Cats
obesityswitzerland (NXPowerLite).ppt - www.stlouisvma.org

Leptin which regulates satiety and appetite adiponectin which heightens sensitivity of target cells to insulin and resistin which heightens resistance to insulin
MPB333 lecture.ppt - www.mc.vanderbilt.edu

Impaired thrombolysis  PAI1 Visceral Obesity Insulin resistance Glucotoxicity Lipotoxicity  Adiponectin Atherosclerosis Courtesy of Selwyn AP Weissman PN
VBWG05CoreIRS01.ppt - www.vbwg.org

Introduction Visfatin and Adiponectin Produced by adipose tissue Have opposite effects on insulin resistance Visfatin Increased in obesity type 2 diabetes
FINAL_NicolaidesJournalClub.ppt - www.clinchem.org

Obestatin stimulated MCP1and IL6 gene expression and inhibited leptin and adiponectin expression in human adipocytes in culture this peptide is a regulatory
IW08_04_SS_Suha ACB Meeting.ppt - www.acbnw.org.uk

Met syndrome adiponectin concentrations are independently associated with the probability of steatosis Intestinal bacterial overgrowth has been suggested to
ASSAAD.ppt - www.mgsd.org

Dyslipidaemia Increased cardiometabolic risk IAA high risk fat Secretion of adipokines ↓ adiponectin  IAA intraabdominal adiposity
2009011915120976432.ppt - www.bibalex.org

Other parts of insulins unfinished story include the hormones leptin and adiponectin Helpful information sources are the International Diabetes Federation wwwidf
31921.ppt - www.pitt.edu

family shares homology with collagen VIII X and complement C1q Physiology1 Expressed and secreted only in adipose tissue Endogenous adiponectin post translationally
adiponectin.pps - www.saclinpath.co.za

 VSMC proliferationmigration in arterial wall  PAI1 levels  Creactive protein levels  Adiponectin  Free fatty acids
VBWG05CoreIRS02.ppt - www.vbwg.org

The correlation between HMW Adiponectin and components of the metabolic syndrome varies by ethnicity European American AfricanAmerican
Project_Sugar_Garvey_9-11-2007.ppt - www.ncrr.nih.gov


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